Rachel Gilman is a NY based fashion stylist with roots in LA and Arizona. Her colorful and unique style has been influenced by a variety of factors, from her upbringing in sun bleached Arizona to her first real job as a design assistant to Betsey Johnson. Her point of view and interesting taste kept her in Betseys immediate circle for years until she decided to try her hand at fashion styling. Rachel went from Betsey to assisting top stylists; Lori Goldstein, Patti Wilson, Alex White and became Aleksandra Woroniecka 1st, the current fashion director of VOGUE Paris, for four years. Rachel has embarked on her styling career for many years, having the skill of versatility and combined this with her own definitive voice and originality. Her understanding of actual fashion history, style and the ability to think outside the box has made her a real creator in an industry of curators. RACHEL HAS STYLED FOR PUBLICATIONS INCLUDING VOGUE UKRAINE, M LE MONDE, DAZED, Into the gloss, FLAUNT, TEEN VOGUE, SPIN, ELLE GIRL, ELLE VIETNAM, GQ SOUTH AFRICA, PIBE, TUSH AND MODELS.COM. PHOTOGRAPHERS INCLUDE ANAIRAM, KAREN COLLINS, ASHLEY ARMITAGE, VANESSA GRANDA, YELENA YEMCHUK, DREW JARRETT, BEN HASSETT, MATTHEW TYLER PRIESTLEY, OLIVIA MALONE, PHIL POYNTER, ZOEY GROSSMAN, LIZ COLLINS, JASON KIM, CHRISTOPHE RIHET, BELA BORSODI, VICTOR DEMARCHELIER, TOM NEWTON, CHRISTIAN ANWANDER, BILL DURGIN, HUGH LIPPE, DONNA TROPE, CHEYCO LEIDMANN, TODD SELBY, VAVA RIBEIRO, DAVID ROEMER, NINA ANDERSSON, MEI TAO AND JONAS BRESNAN.